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By Frank Catanzano

Drummer for the Mob


 Chosen as best new book of 2010 by Pittsburgh Quarterly and is in predevelopment as a major motion picture.

 “Frank Catanzano provides an irreverent and often funny look at life working with members of organized crime who ran many of the clubs in Pittsburgh. Based on true events he has taken great pains to disguise the people, places and things in this tell-all story of how the wise guys ruled through intimidation and threats. Drummer for the Mob is a no holds barred, behind the scenes look at the sex, drugs and rock and roll that were pervasive during the disco years, told through the lens of social values and the music genres of the period. Drummer for the Mob is Saturday Night Fever meets GoodFellas.”

-Pittsburgh Quarterly

Best Selling Author

Frank Catanzano

Frank Catanzano is a journalist and a musician. He began studying percussion at the age of six and turned professional at fourteen. During his many years playing drums in clubs, casinos, racetracks, dive bars, after-hours clubs, weddings–you name it and he played it–Frank has entertained wise guys, whackos, perverts, thugs, criminals, politicos, nice people, bad people and everyone in between. Those experiences have populated his dark mind and are captured in his writing.Frank, an English and Journalism major at Clarion University and member of the infamous fraternity, Alpha Gamma Phi (The Gammas), was a devoted student of Isshinryu karate and traveled to Okinawa to study with its master Kichero Shimabuku. Many of his experiences on the beautiful island color his writing in both Killer Body novels.

Other Books


Prey to the Lord

Prey to the Lord. Written by Frank Catanzano is a Detective John Bello crime mystery novel wherein a religious fanatic is systematically killing off those who sexually abuse children. 


Killer Body

 Killer Body, traces how sexual abuse and high school bullying can create a serial killer.


Killer Body 2

Killer Body 2: Retribution continues the saga of the serial killer who is sought by law enforcement in Okinawa, Japan, and the United States. But as the body count increases, are they hunting the right person responsible for the horrific crimes? Anyone who loves mysteries and crime will want to read this violent tale of a psychopathic murderer who assumes the mantle of a feudal samurai.


In a prologue, we meet our hero, John Bello, in the Vietnam jungles circa 1974. A head injury instills the young soldier with “Acquired Savant Syndrome,” a kind of sixth sense that allows him to reconstruct events after the fact. Years later, Bello is a hardheaded Pittsburgh police detective heading a task force tracking a serial killer. As events unfold, we learn that the killer is a self-flagellating, deeply insane member of the Catholic faith who believes he’s acting on God’s word.
His crimes become increasingly violent: a beloved children’s television host is stabbed with an ice pick; a priest is killed in his church; a sexual deviant’s eyes are plucked out in a seedy video booth, etc. Soon, one of Bello’s own officers is murdered while tracking the killer.
Using his strange abilities, Bello eventually learns that what connects these victims involves child pornography and, perhaps, one of the city’s most cherished institutions.


When a vitamin salesman and a beautiful financial planner are brutally murdered in a Miami sex club, detective John Gonzalez and his team embark upon a quest to track down a twisted killer. Profiled by the FBI as an intelligent, powerful psychopath trained in the martial arts, the killer is driven by a compulsive blood lust that compels him to murder his victims with his bare hands. As the body count increases, he targets task force detectives, torturing them with Japanese Samurai weapons. The investigation leads to Odyssey Airlines, where he meets beautiful flight attendant Sandy Garland. Sandy and Gonzalez develop an intense romantic relationship, and as the investigation focuses on employees of Odyssey, Sandy becomes a suspect. As he tries to protect her, Gonzalez is ultimately forced to choose between his love for Sandy and his oath as a detective. A climatic confrontation between the serial killer, Gonzalez and a Miami SWAT team reach an explosive conclusion that ends in a breathtaking plot turn.


In Killer Body 2 a serial killer is preying upon the citizens of Okinawa, Japan. Profiled as a schizophrenic with delusions of being a rogue samurai, the killer targets Japanese law enforcement as well as dangerous members of yakuza, organized crime. The unidentified suspect is profiled as a powerful, highly intelligent man trained in the martial arts. Or is it a man? Sandy Garland, a gorgeous former flight attendant for Odyssey Airlines, became a suspect back in Miami when a series of horrific murders occurred there. Sandy, Isshinryu karate’s highest ranking woman worldwide and Miami chief detective John Gonzalez fell in love during the Miami investigation and together they escaped to assume new identities in Okinawa. Gonzalez violated his oath as a detective to be with the woman he loved, as Interpol and the FBI focus on him as the serial killer. After a bloody confrontation in a Pittsburgh motel, the killer embarks upon a murder spree of epic proportions. Described as ‘the perfect killing machine,’ the killer goes after the President of the United States and his family in Washington, DC. Can the combined forces of the Secret Service and FBI stop the psychopath in time?
Killer Body 2: Retribution takes up where Killer Body left off. Readers interested in true crime or having a ‘fly on the wall’ view of the making of a psychopath will love this book. Relentless action and plot twists will keep the reader turning the page, while making sure the door is locked and a light is on.

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