reading with frank

I’ve had people tell me that the number of readers in the United States is dropping precipitously.  And the genres the ones who are buying books are drawn to are, according to a survey by a bunch of smart people, are:

  1. Action/adventure
  2. The Classics
  3. Comic book/humor
  4. Detective/mystery

I would assume that it depends who you are taking with, which genre he or she would choose in popularity.  I consider that bull.  What I mean by that is that most people’s reading is eclectic.  One day he or she may be enjoying a mystery and the next it may be a romance.  Blah !

Having said that, where do I and my group of friendly psychopaths, serial Killers, hitmen, pedophiles and full blown wack-a-loons fit? Who wants to read about serial killer beheadings, draw and quartering (Killer Body), and rats feasting on a pedophile’s flesh (Prey to the Lord)?  I do and I assume there’s a hardcore group of people like me out there who does as well. I’m a huge fan of James Ellroy and Bret Easton Ellis.  Where do they fit?  I know, I know, I’ve taken a load of horsepucky about my choice of stories.  But that’s just what they are —  stories.  This is the  politically correct environment today in which we live.   For example, I told a short joke a month or so ago that ended with what was perceived by my audience of two gentlemen as racist, and I was told by the manager who tossed my wife and me out of the restaurant that my racist punchline made them “uncomfortable.”  UNCOMFORTABLE?? Is that we have come to as a society?  We want and demand comfort at all times. Are we turning out a bunch of whiners and pussies We are becoming a soft society that wants comfortable movies, books and entertainment? Where are the people who want to challenge? themselves?  I know a bunch of smart people who absolutely love Disney animated movies.

 I made a point of telling a friend about our experiences at the restaurant.  I said that the guy could have told me “How many Dagos does it take to screw in a light bulb?  Three.  One to screw the bulb in and two to shoot the nosy pricks who ask, ‘What’s going on?”  Okay, not funny, I made it up.  But I would laugh like hell, nonetheless.

What’s my point to this blog?  My books (four described in the website).  And most importantly, how to order, will make you uncomfortable.  Believe me, more than one, has said “I don’t read “ books like that,” without even looking at a page in the book.   Well, screw them! Except for Drummer for the Mob, which is a memoir with a narrative arc, they are all pretty violent, but the good guys always prevail. 

Do you recall the movie masterpiece A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, the protagonist Alex and his merry band of Droog sociopaths?  When he stuck his face (nose adorned by a dildo), said in response to a woman’s query, “What do you want?” replied with an evil grin, “I am not here to read your meter, lady.” It’s a hilarious moment in a hilarious movie created to give you a real view of an increasingly violent society. If you want to explore the evil underbelly of society, then don’t expect politically correct comfort.  As Alex Bateman said in the movie AMERICAN PSYCHO, ”There is no real person called Alex Bateman, only an illusion.”  And my in humble opinion, the whole movie was an allegory, describing not a man’s proclivities to violence but society’s in general, much like the Bible.

Visit my blog next month , and I will be discussing what it takes to be a quasi-successful author like me. HA! Until next month boys and girls, stay safe and be comfortable during the Pandemic.